Kamis, 02 Agustus 2012

Getting hard to find

bike trailer review Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner 10 Pack

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner 10 Pack

Right after I got this little carpet clearer I went online and googled about carpet cleaning soap and how to make your own, because I wanted to see if there was an alternative to expensive carpet cleaning soaps. I found a lot of recipes, some more complicated than others. Some dead easy to make. The dead easiest was just plain warm water.

I couldn't believe that would work, that this little carpet cleaner and just plain warm water would get the dirt out. But holy moly, it does. Fill this with warm water and watch the dirty water come into the receptacle.

Yes, the receptacle is small and you have to empty it more than you would if you had a larger and much heavier machine, but it's just water, easy to dump, easy to refill. And this machine does a very good job of sucking the water up out of the carpet, so that it dries in just a couple hours, so now there is no excuse to not having those heavily trafficked areas as clean as the rest of your carpet.

In closing I should say that we don't wear shoes in our house. But somehow the carpet still gets dirty as evidenced by the dirty water this machine sucks up. I'm telling you this, because if you do wear shoes in your house and track in greasy dirt, then maybe my warm water solution won't work for you. But it works for us.

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  1. And how am i suppose to dry it? Is the dryer ok for at least 10-15mins?