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Gives that deep clean you want but can't get from a standard vacuum

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BISSELL DeepClean Upright Cleaner 36Z9

This Bissle DeepClean Deluxe really does the job. Most of us have rented the Rug Doctor and it's accessories and around here thats about $60-70 dollars, with in a few rentals you already payed for this carpet cleaner and some spend much more on professional cleaner-so it's worth the investment. Dont be intimidated its not difficult to set up and use- its user friendly and not that heavy seems well constructed as well I see no reason why it wont last many years to come.
These do a fine job fighting off the mess of pets and little ones.
I used it on my furniture and my rugs-even if you dont have pets or little ones this will leave your carpet a few shades brighter, you can feel and smell and of course see the difference. You may have to go over some areas more than once, but hey you own it-it's not a rental.
Pet attachment is great for concentrating on specific areas of accidents ect...
no real negatives other than maybe the cord is a bit short and the carpet feels a little on the wet side-small price to pay in order to keep my furniture and floors as Fresh N Clean as possible.

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  1. This Bissell products performed at the high level that I expected. Its performance was comparable to what I pay a professional cleaner to do. After cleaning my carpets twice by myself, it will have paid for itself! Any GREAT product from Bissell!

  2. I received the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner free of charge from Bissell to test and review. I had never owned or operated a carpet and upholstery deep cleaner prior to this one, but quickly learned its value, particularly in a home with pets and small children. The level of clean that this product helped to achieve goes so far above and beyond what a standard vacuum can provide. The dual-rotating heads and the Bissell "Heatwave Technology" (basically, infusing heated cleaning solution into your carpet before pulling it out along with all the dirt and grime that worked its way in) was able to pull set-in stains out of carpet, and was even able to remove that dull look that builds up over time in within high traffic areas! Just outstanding results in our home, and I am thrilled that the carpet looks new again.

    I should also mention that regardless of how "clean" you believe your carpet to be, it's equal parts thrilling and shocking to see the amount of dirt this product pulls up and out of your home. The truth is I really enjoyed emptying the dirty solution reservoir after that first use and knowing that dirt and grime was gone for good.

    The pet mess attachment is a great feature for this product, as it allows you to "capture" and clean pet accidents without pulling the mess into the body of the upright cleaner. The separate compartment within the attachment head makes for quick and easy cleanup too, which is a nice touch.

    One issue I have with the product is that I wish that this model offered is a rotating cleaning head within one of the two attachments. While it is still able to provide the deep clean I want with a bit of manual scrubbing, cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as stairs would prove much easier if the attachment did a bit of the scrubbing for you. I believe this feature is included on the "Premier" edition of this cleaner, but not the "Deluxe" version.

    All-in-all, the Bissell DeepClean Deluxe Upright Cleaner is a great product that I love having in our home. It makes cleaning up the stains that come with children and pets a cinch. In my opinion, it would be well worth the investment for anyone with kids or pets that is seeking a deeper level of clean in their home.

  3. I love the Bissell Deep Clean Deluxe Pet cleaner. I was AMAZED at how much "stuff" this carpet cleaner got out of our carpets! We usually have our carpets cleaned by a company, but I think this machine did a much better job. I cleaned half the living room and had to empty the dirty water container because it was so full of "stuff". It really surprised me because we have our carpets cleaned regularly. We actually thought about getting new carpet this year, but we are now going to wait because the carpet looks so much better than before!
    Another thing that I like about this cleaner is the attachments. It has a long hose and several attachments which made cleaning my stairs REALLY easy! We also had a few stains on the our couch and on the carpet and they came right up. It was so easy to clean them up. It's also very lightweight. I was able to do a few rooms back to back and I didn't feel like I was pushing around a heavy machine.
    Emptying the clean water and dirty water containers was very easy and takes just a few minutes. Afterwards, our carpet smells really clean not flowery or perfumey.
    I'm so glad we decided to get this carpet cleaner! I will never pay a company to come out to clean our carpets again!

  4. My Bissell DeepClean Deluxe was new out of the box. I was a little scared when I saw all of the parts and pieces but the quick guide make it a snap and I had it ready to clean in less then 15 minutes. I even amazed myself! I have 3 messy boys and one large black lab with a lot of light carpet and upholstery and I am constantly paying a carpet cleaner to remove marker/paint/chocolate milk/dog messes..well you know the drill!! This product worked great. I found it cleaned my carpet as well as my carpet cleaner and for the upholstery it worked great too! I even did my company c wool rugs that I usually pay over $90.00 to send out! On all the areas I tried the product was a star! It did great on my transitions from wood to carpet with no scratching! This product is easy to clean and well thought out. I would not hesitate to pull it out for a small job too! Now that I have it I really don't know how I ever lived without it. BISSELL DeepClean Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 36Z9

  5. I got the opportunity to try out both this carpet cleaner and the BISSELL DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 24A4. I found that both of them cleaned equally well, and cleaned just as well as my Big Green Clean Machine. While both have pros and cons, between the two, I think I prefer this one, here is why:

    This cleaner has a much larger tank capacity than the lift-off version, which makes it as lot more convenient. I appreciated not having to stop frequently to refill the water.

    Even though this doesn't have the convenience of a lift-off tank for cleaning the stairs, it still has a hose and hand tools. The hand cleaner has great suction. It also came with a "stain trapper" that looks pretty cool, although I haven't had a chance to use it. The stain trapper has a bowl where heavier things (like dog poo or cat puke) can drop to keep it from clogging up the hose or tank.

    There are also some great features on this cleaner that is shares with the lift-off version. Both units have a heater that keeps the water warm. They are also have great edge cleaners. Both of these things are actually an improvement over my Big Green.

  6. Had my carpets professional cleaned before moving into house. Previous owner had pets. Carpet needed over 12 hrs. To dry.
    Family very active and new puppy ,need I say more. Vacuumed the carpet and pretreated pet stains before use and saw no dirt or hair in beige carpet. ( have a black and gray poodle). When I started to clean I noticed first how dark the returning water was and a line of mated dog hair that was expelled from side of carpet cleaner. I know this isn't what most people expect but easier to pick up then clean from machine when finished. When finished the carpet smelled cleaned, dried in about 4-6 hours depending on areas of repeated cleaning due to pet urine stains and carpet felt so soft to walk on after. Since then have used the spot cleaner with the same result ,minus the hair.
    The Bissell deep clean pet cleaner is well worth the cost .

  7. Imogene Wiggins22 Oktober 2013 11.32

    Works so much better than our old steam cleaner. It is heavier, but seems to really do a good job!