Minggu, 27 Mei 2012

Excelent sweeper!

buy silver heels Oreck Restaurateur%C2%AE Floor Sweeper 12 5

Oreck Restaurateur%C2%AE Floor Sweeper 12 5

I bought this filter for a Windtunnel Self-Propelled vacuum. In the 5-10 years I've had the vacuum, I've never done anything except occasionally clean (the original) filter and empty the bucket. The lack of maintenace and care showed, to the point where the vacuum no longer did anything but spit dirt. I was ready to throw it away. The motor seemed fine though, and I did remember a time when it was a really nice vacuum....

Before throwing it out, I decided to take it apart (needed a screw driver for this), thoroughly clean it and get it a new filter. This paid off in spades. I cleaned out a lot of dirt (which was basically blocking the intakes), got all the junk off the brushes and replaced the original filter with this one (which fits perfectly). Upon firing it up again, it worked like brand new, to include the wind tunnel "tornado", which I haven't seen in years. A little maintenance plus a new filter goes a long way......

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  1. I own an Oreck, but I love this product for quick tough ups in between. Picks up dog hair and the nap of my carpet.

  2. This floor sweeper is marvelous. I' m the director of an adult foster care for 17 residents and after meals it has are dining room spotless. The sweeper takes care of all fast pickups and works great on carpet and hard flooring. Oreck Restaurateur� Floor Sweeper 12.5

  3. I wanted a hand powered sweeper to do quick clean ups around the house. Something to pick up some of the dog hair and chewed up stick pieces the dog brings in and droppings from bringing firewood in etc. and now we have a kitten and it is great for cleaning up scattered litter from his box. This Oreck sweeper works very well and is perfect for us. If you are expecting it to work like an electric sweeper, you will be disappointed, but for what it is, it is great!!! With the Oreck floor sweeper I don't have to pull my big vacuum out so often. Love it!

  4. This Oreck 12.5 sweeper is perfect for quick cleanups between regular vacuuming. It really does a nice job and I couldn't be more pleased. It picks up great and I'm glad I picked one up.

  5. I have used these before and like them. the pan is not as easy to empty as I think it it should be.

  6. Would buy another one in a heart beat! Great to use on Restaurant Carpeted floors! Best 'Hokie/Floor Sweeper' out there!