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mills review Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away Cleaner

Shark Navigator Professional Lift Away Cleaner

I just bought this today, so I haven't used it long, but I'm already looking all over my house for where else I can vacuum...I love it that much! I was surprised at how easy it was to put together and I was vacuuming within about 10 minutes of opening the box. I love how versatile it is, since you can swap the bottom for the hard floor/dusting attachment or lift off the canister to carry it around for hard to reach places. I was able to reach some high places with the crevice attachment and clean my cold air return which has been extremely dusty for so long, but I could never reach it with my old vacuum. With this, I just pulled off the canister, stood on a chair and cleaned it really well with the crevice tool. It picked up all that ugly dust buildup so quickly. The suction really is amazing. I cannot believe how much dirt and dust I pulled up from my carpets! I didn't think they were that dirty, but the canister was about halfway full when I finished vacuuming 2 rooms! And it's a pretty good sized canister. I like that it's lightweight, too. It's definitely lighter than my old vacuum and it's very maneuverable. The swivel head reaches easily in smaller areas and I vacuum along the wall and it gets all the dirt in the corner so I don't have to go back with the crevice tool. This is definitely the vacuum to get if you want something that you'll love using for a long time. I definitely found a keeper!

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  1. I'm looking to clean the carpet in my apartment m, and I am debating on whether I should rent a carpet shampooer or buy one. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a good one please. Also looking to buy a new vacuum does anyone have have a cheap good one they recommend