Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

No Pain, Big Gain

bike review Dyson DC24 All Floors Upright Cleaner

Dyson DC24 All Floors Upright Cleaner

I have been a little skeptical of the Dyson machines. I haven't doubted whether they worked as great as they say, but they are a little on the pricey side, initially. However, there is nothing more to buy unless you want additional attachments. The filters in this machine are washable, and do not need to be replaced. There aren't any bags to replace. The ball makes it easy to manipulate and handle, and is extremely lightweight. The handle that folds down for storage is also the telescoping wand to be used with attachments. There is a handle on the front of the clear bin in order to carry, making it easy to move around the room cleaning your fan blades, or geting the inevitable spider webs that grow in the corner of the rooms. When using the telescoping wand, there is an impressive amount of suction. It's cleaning power is wonderful to be such a small machine. It's shocking to see what comes out of your carpets. Most manufacturers will only carry a 1 year parts and labor warranty on their machines. Dyson has a 5 year warranty on their vacuums. I love this machine.

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  1. Flossie Roberts10 Desember 2013 08.32

    have all either broken down or stopped picking up. Please tell me a good one to get.