Senin, 28 Mei 2012

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drinkd reviews BISSELL Style Vacuum Bag 32120

BISSELL Style Vacuum Bag 32120

I bought this filter for a Windtunnel Self-Propelled vacuum. In the 5-10 years I've had the vacuum, I've never done anything except occasionally clean (the original) filter and empty the bucket. The lack of maintenace and care showed, to the point where the vacuum no longer did anything but spit dirt. I was ready to throw it away. The motor seemed fine though, and I did remember a time when it was a really nice vacuum....

Before throwing it out, I decided to take it apart (needed a screw driver for this), thoroughly clean it and get it a new filter. This paid off in spades. I cleaned out a lot of dirt (which was basically blocking the intakes), got all the junk off the brushes and replaced the original filter with this one (which fits perfectly). Upon firing it up again, it worked like brand new, to include the wind tunnel "tornado", which I haven't seen in years. A little maintenance plus a new filter goes a long way......

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  1. This bags are much less expensive then when I purchase them in the store. And the quality is excellent!!! Order online to save some cash!

  2. What can you say about vacuum cleaner bags: these fit and do the job. They have sturdy cardboard collars to fit on the opening. They do NOT have filter paper on the inside; just paper vacuum bags but for the inexpensive cleaners that they fit they are fine.

  3. Product fit perfectly, works as it should. Delivery could've been faster but besides that, there's nothing about the product to complain about.

  4. Janine Marshall10 November 2012 13.32

    New bags saved the cleaning day. I was getting really frustrated that both of my vacuums weren't cleaning as well as they used too, then my husband fixed a few things, a new bag and viola back in business.

  5. I couldn't find these bags in a local store - looked on amazon, found them, had them delivered in only a few days.

  6. I still use a vacuum that takes a bag and I love it. However, the bags are hard to find. I was able to purchase these for a low price and got them just in time to replace mine and keep on vacuuming!