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Shark over Dyson any day

mills review Shark Navigator Upright Bagless NV22L

Shark Navigator Upright Bagless NV22L

This vacuum far exceeds my expectations. We have 3 cats and the amount of hair that this picked up that our old vacuum couldn't (and the industrial one we borrowed when ours died) was amazing.

The pet tool is great! it got hair off of a chair with valor type fabric that I've never been able to completely remove the hair from.

It also does a great job of vacuuming the tile floors.

The 24" crevice tool is great for getting ceiling corners and behind furniture that used to be hard to reach.

The canister is so easy to empty. Usually with bags I would have to take them outside to empty because of my husbands allergies but this filters so well and keeps everything together that even he can empty it without a sneezing fit.

I'm very impressed with this vacuum.

I am editing this on July 30, 2010 to add that we've been using this for 10 months and it is still working great. The filters clean up very easily and are not even near needing replacements.

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  1. My golden retrievers shed a lot, and one suffers from allergies. I need a vacuum that will do a good job of sucking up the dirt, grass and leaf pieces the boys always seem to bring in, long hair (theirs and mine) and the bits of toy stuffing fuzz that stick to my rugs long after a toy is tossed in the trash and I run my current vacuum. A good filter is also key, because of the allergies. I know the Dyson Animal is popular, but I need something under $200. I was going to buy a Shark Navigator NV22L, but read some reviews that indicate the vacuum works well for the first few months, then needs expensive repairs that are not covered under the warranty. It would also be nice if the belt was durable, or easy to replace, as my current vacuum needs to be taken apart and have several screws removed every month or two when the belt breaks.