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tablet review iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Allergies

iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaning Allergies

I had thought about buying this product because essentially, I'm lazy. I have a dog that although is supposed to be "medium-shed" he seems to drop a lot of his long, thick black hair.

I have already destroyed a weak vacuum by keeping his hair off the carpet, I bought a very expensive vacuum and it works great, but if It's hard for me to justify vacuuming more than once a week or so, and by then you can already see the difference from his hair shedding, at this point I pretty much get lazy and just put it off.

To keep the floors clean I literally need to vacuum daily, and the amount of time this takes is not worth it, something like this Roomba is a hugely valuable investment for me because of the time it saves me from vacuuming daily.

I first vacuumed my entire carpet with my nice vacuum because I knew I would overload this poor guy trying to pick it up.

Despite having thoroughly vacuumed with this guy and his bin was filling very rapidly. It does seem a bit sporadic in it's methods but I really don't mind, in fact I'm happy to see it cover a single spot multiple times because I know it gets a little more and a little deeper with every pass, when I first got it I ran it about 3 times each day to sort of play catch up, and now when it runs it only fills the bin about 1/3rd of the way and my floors look immaculate.

There are reviews of it getting stuck or lost, and really I haven't had any issue with it getting stuck at all. It runs over the speaker cables that run under my couch and I can see it starting to tug, but then it senses it and releases the cables and continues on it's way. I have an end table that is between my tv stand and some speakers and it's just barely wide enough for Roomba to fit in, and it's humerous watching it go in a few small circles to find the small way out again, but it does find it every time. I also have some video equipment set up in my office and a lot of tripods in close proxomity to each other, and it manages to get through the legs of all these tripods, even ones that over lap. It does struggle a bit with them, but has always made it out alive.

It's amazing to watch this thing meticulously circle every little item I've left on the floor to maximize it's cleaning area.

If you order this I would make a couple of recommendations, one of which is to make sure you can monitor it the first week or so it runs even if you are like me and have a nice vacuum you spent a fortune on, this little guy will find things you missed and it will take quite some time to actually catch up, the first few days you will get annoyed by how fast it's bin fills, but you will find over time it fills slower and slower and after a half dozen runs it'll be able to do a full run or two without filling the bin. This also will let you find out any potential areas that it may get stuck, or will get stuck. For example in my bathrooom under the cabinet there is an opening and it can get under there and clean fine, but there is one spot where It must be slightly lower because it hits that spot and tries to wiggle free but gets stuck, so you will need to watch for these things otherwise it'll get stuck and sit there and you'll come home disappointed to see it never made it back to it's dock.

My other recommendation would be to buy replacement brushes and squeegee thing (forgot the name) right off the back (you can buy a full set for about $20)- for me with my dog I always get him chew toys and some of the length of his hair and the cotton stuffing wrapped itself around the wheels so tight it has caused possibly some permanent damage to them, but have gotten wrapped so tight it really wasn't worth the effort of me fighting it. They recommend cleaning these things every 3 uses and replacing them every two months but I ran this thing so hard the first week trying to play catch up that they warranted replacing, so you may want to consider just putting that concern aside and just planning to replace them after your first week from the get go so there aren't any surprises, though really I expect the replacement ones to last quite some time as I really did put it to the test right out the gate.

And lastly do plan to schedule it to run daily - if you let it go daily then there won't be much built up and your machine won't have to work as hard making it more effective and making the maintenance a lot less strenuous in that it is able to get just the daily amount of stuff the brushes and everything will stay cleaner longer and you will get a lot more out of it by letting it run daily. As the manufacturer suggests, it definitely works a lot better when used daily, and really since it takes no effort other then checking the bin very couple of days there's no reason not to schedule it this frequently.

I couldn't be happier with the purchase, at the price it felt like a risk but honestly even just after 1 week of my carpets looking like they do, and looking back at that it took 0 time and effort from me, the thing has already been more then worth the money. I will buy this sucker again and again and again, even if it only lasts me three months it's worth the money. I've actually never written a review about a product on here, but really I felt inspired to because I have never gotten the amount of value out of this purchase in anything that I can remember in recent history. If I could change anything it would be that I would have bought this sooner.

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