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Great addition to the home equipment

kitchen sinks BISSELL DeepClean Lift Off Upright 66E1

BISSELL DeepClean Lift Off Upright 66E1

As this was being assembled, which consisted of attaching the handle with 4 well-marked screws, I thought I would have to take off a star--the assembly took two tries. However, when that was done, the product proves to be so good that the rating deserves a full five. First, the wheels are large enough to roll easily. The water containers both have nice handles to carry to the sink. The pump-out container is also super-easy to empty and clean. The cream of the product, however, is how clean the carpet is after minimal physical effort. The choice to remove the motor parts to use to clean upholstery or spot clean carpet spots is just as nice. This precludes the need for another appliance at additional expense and storage space. This design is functional and effective on all counts.

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  1. We have 5 indoor cats and an indoor dog. My husband and I work on live on a large dairy and hay comes in on his clothes all the time. So, we really put this deep cleaner to the test. This is my second Bissell. The other carpet cleaner I own is a BISSELL ProHeat 2X Select Pet Upright Deep Cleaner, 94003 which I still regularly use.

    The assembly of this was fairly easy. It only took me 15 minutes and I am not mechanical in the least.

    I used this with the BISSELL Professional Pet Urine Eliminator, 67A5, 48 oz. which is my favorite of all the Bissell cleansing solutions. It worked great in removing the stains that my dog has left during his misses while trying to pad train him. It really took the pet hair that was embedded in the carpet that you can't see. Best of all it really freshened up the scent of the carpet. One trick that I've learned for removing pet smells is to add about 1/4 cup of vinegar to the water that you put into the machine.

    If you have lint attracting carpet or pets this will pull a ton of pet hair and dirt out of your carpet. When you spray the solution you might get little "fur balls" left on the carpet, though after reading the instructions, this is normal. I just went back and picked them all up with a paper towel after I finished. My other deep-cleanser does the same.

    The feature I love the most on this one is the detachable feature, which makes this so handy for furniture or for behind the couch and other tight spaces. I will definitely be using this for places where I don't want to move a ton of furniture.

    Cleaning the machine after you are done is very easy as well, though I do wish there was a way to take apart the sprayer to clean more.

    Overall, I was amazed at just how much dirt this cleaner picked up and at how well it picked up embedded pet hair in the carpet. I was very happy with how it performed. I will most likely use this mostly for tight spaces and upholstery, just love the detach feature.

  2. I received the Deep Cleaner and had no trouble putting it together. This is a big boy and you should know it before ordering it. In other words, it may not fit so well in a small apartment. But, for the size you get a very good deep cleaner. I've been very pleased with it so far, rating it at a five star. If, in the next couple of years, it loses its power or cleaning ability, I'll come back in to this review and revise it. So far...so good.

  3. My 10 year old carpet looks new again. With six pets in the house, that's really saying something.

    This machine took care of several stains that a professional cleaning did not. I used the cleaner that came with the machine - but less than the 2 ounces the directions called for. (I remembered a conversation with a professional carpet cleaner who told me that home carpet cleaning machines often deposit too much soap in the carpet and that causes it to get dirty faster.) I also added one cup of vinegar to help deodorize. I came to the conclusion that the extraction process is even more important than the soap dispensing process. I spent a lot of time going back and forth, in every direction possible. I think that process is really what made the biggest difference with my carpet.

    The only thing that surprised me was how often I had to fill the soap/water/vinegar tank. The tank is quite small, so keep that in mind when cleaning. To do an 16' X 28' room, I filled the tank six or seven times. (I emptied the dirty water tank two times.) Drying time was as expected. I waited 48 hours to move furniture back in, but could done it sooner. No fans, just an open window and dry weather conditions.

    I have one room left and then I will tackle the stairs using the lift-off feature.

  4. Length:: 0:54 Mins

    Just look what this machine can do in one swipe without pretreatment.


    This is one of the more user-friendly carpet cleaning machines I've used. One time I was missing a major screw for assembly and had to find my own. This one has the four screws you'll need taped right to the support handle. The only thing you'll need is a Phillips head screw driver. I used one with a magnetized tip as the screws "disappear" into the machine. There's no guesswork because there are what I call international symbols to indicate where the four screws go. The last thing you need to do is stow a stain tool and a hose. Assembly took less than five minutes, including getting the cleaner out of the box.


    The customer service number is in the lower right-hand side of each page in the user guide. The kind of reception and the quality of help is always important to me and soooo ... I decided to call them up on a Sunday morning to see what I'd get. There was a minute of advertisement and a referral to their website for easy-to-remedy questions.

    Mind you, I'm not always easy to help because if I don't have any idea what I'm asking about you really have to listen. Maya was perfect. I wanted to know how I was going to clean the dirt that I got underneath the plastic that sucks up the water. Of course I wasn't particularly clear, but she certainly knew what I was getting at. Easy peasey, put a bit more hot water in the tank and suck it up and it will clear. The customer service representatives obviously know what they are talking about and can readily answer your questions.


    As you can see from the video it does an awesome job. It's a bit shaky because trying to record and clean is a bit tricky at best. That will tell you that the machine is heavy-duty, but also can be operated one-handed at a side angle. The carpet you see was not pretreated and it pulled up a ton of dirt. This carpet is the one two dogs and a cat lie on day after day catching a few rays in the sun. It protects a hardwood floor from damage.

    This is a wool rug and I wouldn't recommend using this cleaner on one. As you can see, one pass made a world of difference in the color. It pulled a lot of dirt and pet hair up, even after a thorough vacuuming. I'd suggest when you empty the dirt tank you either do it outside or use a filter in your sink as this machine can and will suck up fibers. After I was done I cleaned the suction gate just to make sure I wouldn't forget the next time. The Bissell Lift-Off Deep Cleaner is probably the best overall carpet cleaner I've used.