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Great for all surfaces

swimsuits reviews Eureka Upright Bagless Vacuum 439AZ

Eureka Upright Bagless Vacuum 439AZ

I have two 60lb dogs that can shed with the best of them. My home is almost exclusively tile or hardwood, with only 1 small bedroom carpeted. I have several area rugs and have found it impossible in the past to pick up dirt and hair on both surfaces well. My tile would look great but the rugs would be full of hair or the rugs would look great and I would be blowing hair all around the house on tile and wood. I have actually used 2 vacuums in the past for each surface but they croaked at the same time. This vacuum is spectacular. Being able to turn off the rollers for tile and then turn them on for carpet is an awesome feature. This vacuum is super powerful as well, hair on the tile actually comes flying from across the room into it as you go. My only criticism would be that the hose is too short in certain situations. Other than that- really an unbelievable value.

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  1. This "Pet Lover" vacuum is excellent on pet hair! I ordered it as a replacement for the standard "Optima" vac that I had in my previous aobde. With two cats in a smaller apartment, the hair accumulated quickly. There's a nifty attachment for upholstery that works really well! The first swipe across my dirty couch left a clean swath. With a traditional attachment, it would take several strokes to get the arm of my couch that clean. Suffice to say, this thing rocks pet hair! The price can't be beat and the size of this thing fits great in my little apartment. I was also amazed that there was no dust in the air after cleaning a dirty floor and couch! An amazing little vac!

  2. Jeffrey Salinas15 Desember 2011 11.32

    I own a 90 pound Belgian Malinois who sheds much like a woolly mammoth year round. I've tried everything from as seen on TV rubber rakes to $500+ machines with little or no success. Then I read the reviews and bought this machine...OMG!!!...my carpets are the cleanest I've ever seen...this vacuum is designed for pet hair!!...the suction is the same 3 months later...if you've tried everything else and are about to buy a carpet cleaning machine hold off and try this vacuum first, you won't be disappointed.

  3. I bought this vacuum almost a year ago and I still love it. The pet hair attachment gets all the cat hair off of all my furniture. The vacuum is light but has great suction and cleans my carpet great. It even works on my hardwood floors.

    I was a little hesitant about buying it to use on hardwood floors because some of the reviews said that it just blew dirt around. After using it a couple times (and finally reading the manual), it turns out that the on switch has two settings. One is for carpet because it leaves the rotating brush on and the other is for hard floors because it turns the brush off so the vacuum doesn't blow the dirt around. This is pretty much the only reason I wanted to leave a review. A lot of the complaints I have seen on reviews are actually from user error.

  4. I love this little vacumn- it works great both on hardwood and carpeted (deep carpeting!) floors. It's amazing that even though I thought the floor was vacumned thoroughly with my other very expensive vacumn- I picked up enough fur to make a puppy! It's lightweight and easy to maneuver and I am using this as my main vacumn and the expensive one is now our backup!

  5. After reading mixed reviews for this vacuum, I wondered how well it would work. But, I figured with more good than bad, I would give it a shot. I am SO glad I did!! I had absolutely NO idea how much my old vacuum was leaving behind!!! The dust, the hair, the gunk!! WOW....its amazing how much this little vacuum picked up. Just like another reviewer, I vacuumed the house before using this product just to see what would happen. And low and behold, it picked up enough cat hair to make a new cat!! I was shocked! And, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pet paw. I have a brand new sectional sofa and my cat loves to sleep in one spot, which is constantly covered in hair now. One time over it with the pet paw and my couch looks new again! It pulled all of the hair off the couch!! I was stunned. And what was a very nice surprise, it went together very easily. Without even looking at the instructions, I had it out of the box and running in about 5 minutes. Its easy as pie!!

    The only drawbacks to this product - the hose could be longer and the cord could be longer. Otherwise, I love it! Don't waste your money on $300-$400 units, its so not worth it!

    The handle adjusts, which is really nice for those of us who are very tall! No more hunching over to vacuum! It is lightweight and much quieter than my older Hoover model. Plus, if you can't tell from the pictures, it is Purple.

    The dirt cup is very large, this being my first bagless vacuum I was surprised to see how large it was actually. The filter worked very well and was super easy to remove!! Remove it, pull off the big chunks of hair and bang it outside a couple of times to remove the dust and you are ready to go! It really couldn't be easier.

  6. I am back to buy my second of these for another part of the house. I love this thing. It is an amazing vacuum. I have the world's worst shedding dog. I'm not kidding. I am talking sweeping up a small couch pillow almost every day. He is big and he is hairy. Plus I have a foster dog. I have bought vacuums at yard sales, new, used ones, everywhere. I go through them like candy. I could not afford the bags since I fill it every few days, so I had to go bagless. Dirt Devils, Bissells, all at the dump. I kept an extra one at all times. The man at the Vacuum Repair Shop was my new best friend.
    I always had one there getting unclogged. Until I bought this cute little vacuum.
    When it arrived I thought "no way". It was so small and light. I figured maybe a month and it would join it's brothers out on the street for the trashman. Wrong, it is still going strong a year later. I cannot believe that this vacuum has handled the sea of hair in my house. It does it with little effort at all. It is so easy to use. I no longer have a "spare". I hope they never stop making this.
    I recommend it to anyone no matter how much dirt and hair you have. This cute little purple machine is the "king of vacuums" in my world.