Jumat, 22 Juni 2012

Works Great

shoes Fits Dyson 901420 02 Crucial Vacuum

Fits Dyson 901420 02 Crucial Vacuum

I've been using the Hoover Pet Rewind for about a year now and I LOVE it! I had never used a bagless vacuum before and people told me they lose suction all the time and are a pain in the rump. They said only Dyson does bagless well. Well, I was skeptical to begin with, because my last vacuum, a Hoover Wind Tunnel bagged vacuum, was the most amazing vacuum ever. It lasted 10 years, faithfully picking up dog hair from my two chow mixes. I never thought I'd find another vacuum like that and wasn't about to invest in a Dyson to find out. So I bought the Pet Rewind and it works just as well as my Wind Tunnel did! Plus I don't have an issue with it losing suction. Sure, when the canister is full, I do. And if I have to vacuum my whole house, I have to empty the canister between floors. But I have two chow mixes! Hair everywhere! And I only vacuum once a week, so a lot of hair builds up. I can't ask more of a vacuum than I get from the Pet Rewind. Simply cannot. The only complaint I have is that the hand tool, which is FABULOUS on furniture is moody and tempermental. It gets hair wrapped up in it and I have to take it apart and clean it often to keep it operational. But it is cleaning a sofa and dog bed that two very hairy dogs frequent. I just really love this vacuum and if you have friends that tell you only a Dyson will do the job and no other brand will do, ignore them and save your dough. There simply is not 3x the room to do a 3x better job to justify 3x the cost. Oh, and be careful with your Pet Rewind...it will suck up everything within reach...throws, curtain cords, chihuahuas...so make sure the floors are clear of such stuff or you'll be replacing a burned out belt like I had to do early on before I had full knowledge of its power. (No chihuahuas were harmed in the writing of this review)

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  1. Dyson says it this filter should last the life of the product, yeah right. Anyway, very easy to install, vacuum cleaner works like new.

  2. If your DC-07 still has suction and works well however there is this, let's say funk, coming from it.
    BUY THIS ITEM! Replace these once a year MINIMUM! twice a year with normal use

  3. Purchased this product to replace the OEM heap filter on my Dyson DC17. After first discovering that this filter was even located inside if the vacuum I wanted to replace it immediately as it was over seven years old. After snapping the cover off of the old filter and removing it, the new filter simply pops right in. Just make sure to attach the adhesive gasket provided with care to ensure a complete seal. If you need to replace your hepa filter in your Dyson save some money and buy this one.

  4. filter installed well and works so far. i had to contact for tracking number, but they replied right away and shipped it

  5. Our Dyson is 6 years old but works like new again after cleaning it out and putting this new filter in it.