Minggu, 17 Juni 2012

Very Good Vacuum Bags

wtches Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags HyClean

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Bags HyClean

With my allergies I needed to switch to a bagged vac. My Bissell Pet Hair Eraser did a good job but each time I emptied the dust canister a poof of dust came back into my face and I had to stick my hand up into the machine to free huge hunks of dog hair.

But I LOVE my Miele -- I've even given her a name: Sheila -- that helps me remember how to pronounce this German word. Sheila and I have been breezing over smooth flooring , tiles and carpets and she has been sucking up every bit of dirt and dust. The Miele replacement dustbags are extremely well made and do not let any of that dust and particulate matter back out into the air so I don't have to breath it in. Holds a lot of dirt too. A little more expensive but well worth it. The cord is extremely long too and I don't have to plug it into more than one or two outlets to get several rooms vacuumed.

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  1. I did some research and found that HEPA filters are ideal. I'm just not a vacuum expert, and I don't know which vacuum to use it on. or how.