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It does what it's supposed to.

trailer Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner FH50028

Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner FH50028

I saved all my attachments and accessories from the 1st Hoovers' Steam Vac - until I killed it, then obtained the 2nd Hoovers' Steam Vac which had few accessories there but I saved many from the original which worked alongside with the 2nd Hoovers' Steam Vac ... and it finally died. Trust me .... these things are tremendously awesome, even for Pet Lovers! The day they came out with 4 brushes, I was right there before the stock boy could put it up on the shelf; I told him ... In my cart please! Now I have this new 5 triple power scrub Carpet Cleaner, but for the life of me, it doesn't come with the plug-in for the attachments (I am already loaded with all of Hoover's Steam Vac attachments and accessories for furniture to what-not); so in a way, I was a little disappointed there. However, as for cleaning the carpet .... WOW, AM I IMPRESSED and I thought the 4 brushes was impressive (which I had for years, insomuch my parents (before my father passed away) and my sister and brother in law even borrowed it; some close neighbors and friends have borrowed it) as much as it has been used, even at the church just before the major holidays; that Hoover took quite a beating! As for this Hoover here - such a tremendous difference, but I am a bit disappointed that the cord is shorter where an extension cord is needed, but happier because the EVERYTHING has improved vastly (MAJOR IMPROVEMENT!):

1) Tank holds more water

2) Reservoir easier to clean

3) Glides with ease

4) Lowered front end and narrower, enabling you to go through coffee tables, end tables (examples) unlike the earlier versions which one had to move the furniture to gain full access.

5) Carpets are coming out cleaner than ever before
5a) Really heavy traffic areas - using the Power Scrub - really did its job
5b) Medium - Light Soiled areas - the Scrub did its job

6) Cleaning the floor and tile floor was with ease and grace

7) Drying time was very fast (unlike the earlier model versions)

With comparison with the earlier model versions, it is uncanny; this is lighter in weight overall, ironically, at the same given time I did have some concerns, because this was only 7.1 amp while the last model I had was a 12.0 amp - it was surprising! It did its job and its job exceptionally well! This one will last a long, long time!

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  1. Simply put, the "Hoover SteamVac Spin Scrub Carpet Cleaner" performs. It doesn't appear to be as well built as its predecessor, however, it works and I've gotten excellent results. This isn't my first cleaner from "Hoover", though: I've a Hoover vacuum cleaner and it's over 20 years and still going strong. I've also the FH50027 model of the SteamVac which has now been inherited by my daughter. It too performs very well.

    They're still calling this a 'SteamVac', though, and it must be an advertising thing as there isn't any steam involved. Still, the rugs and carpets get cleaned, and floors too. When this unit was delivered and I opened the packaging there was a strong odor of cleaner and upon investigation I noticed the plastic bottle of included cleaner had, somehow, acquired a puncture. The bottom of the package was wet but everything else was in good order.

    I had no difficulty putting the parts together but someone who hasn't had one before may find things a bit confusing. A note of advice, just don't force any of the parts, especially not the levers that turn to provide access to and also lock the dirty water container. In my last unit it was somewhat fragile and this unit appears to have used an even thinner plastic.

    What's most important, though, is this SteamVac 'does what it's supposed to', and it's truly exceptional at that.

  2. Maricela Garcia18 Desember 2013 08.32

    With so many makes and models available, it's hard to decide which carpet cleaner does the best job. I have always had good success with Hoover, particularly their Steamvac models using the spinscrub multiple brush system. The SpinScrub 50 (model #FH50028) lives up to Hoover's good reputation.

    Everything about this carpet cleaner is easy. It assembles in minutes and operates smoothly. Users can readily see its strong suction power, and the simple two-tank system (solution tank/dirty water) makes change-outs a very fast process. Drying time is especially quick, carpets look clean and the room smells great.

    That being said, I still prefer my older and slightly more expensive model, the Hoover MaxExtract Dual V Carpet Cleaner, Garnet-F7411900, but my reasoning why may be all wrong. In many ways these two hot water extraction models are alike. Both offer three speeds (spill pick-up, gentle and power scrub). They both have spinscrub bristle power, although the Dual V has one extra scrubber which makes its cleaning swath just a bit wider. I like the Dual V better simply because it offers a rinse setting switch, which gets out more detergent residue from carpets. Or so I think it does--it's really hard to tell. My mom always told me any remaining detergent residue left in carpets was the reason they resoiled quickly after a cleaning. This inexpensive model seems to do as good a cleaning job as the Dual V even though it has no rinse setting, and the strong suction power/quick drying time suggests it really does get out a lot of detergent and dirt.

    Maybe I'm splitting hairs or heaven forbid, my mom is wrong. Or maybe Hoover has improved upon an already good product. Rinse or no-rinse, both these carpet cleaners do a great job and both come highly recommended.