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Sunglasses Review Luigis Mansion Dark Moon nintendo 3ds

Luigis Mansion Dark Moon nintendo 3ds

When i got the game i figured it would be about the same as the first game. Luigi goes back to the mansion because Mario gets kidnapped by King Boo.But I was wrong. First of all, the story is about Luigi finding all the dark moon pieces. Not finding Mario. Then i thought the graphics would be about the same, but the graphics are so amazing that sometimes you wonder if they just took a picture of actual wood and put it in the game. Second, there are so many traps that you fall through a rug or get flipped into a secret hallway every 20 seconds,(it doesn't happen as much in the first game) they make the game much more fun.

(The good stuff) Luigi's mansion dark moon gives the player a more detailed perspective of Luigi's fear. If you just stand there for a minute Luigi will start to shake or jump up and look around. Some times he also readjusts his poltergust.
GAME PLAY. Game play is a little hard to get used to (But that makes it that much more fun. and the mansions are so big you have a lot to explore. the rest you will have to find out by yourself.

(the bad stuff) The game is to short. maybe not, i just play it alot so it may seem like it is to short, but it is so worth it. And you can go back and find all the gems and the boos. The online is also not the best, maybe it is just my internet but it seems like when i play either i get disconected or the other players leave me. other than that the online is the best part of the game.

So to finish up, i recomend getting this game because if it is fun, even if you don't like ghost hunting that is not all you do. you do other stuff to. watch it on YouTube to see for yourself before bying.

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  1. Philip Schwartz20 November 2011 12.32

    Hi guys well I am going to get a nintendo 3ds xl and I can only get 5 games and please can u rate all of them out of 10 1) super mario bros 2. 2) mario 3d land. 3)mario kart 7. 4) Luigis mansion 2. But I am not sure in number 5 planning to get street fighter but not that convinced if I should get street fighter 4 can u tell me why and is it worth the money or should I get another game and tell me why that game is better and why and please remember to rate the other games out of ten and why thank you best answer gets. 10 points and 5 stars !!

  2. Do you think it got delayed for the wii u since nintendo said nothing about the delay.

  3. Nicole Franklin11 November 2012 10.32

    I bought a Nintendo 3ds recently and am intrigued by the idea of online play. What are the best online enabled games for the 3ds? I'm not talking about local, considering I don't know anybody with a 3ds, but full-on random opponents around the world. I am open to any suggestions and game genres.

  4. I have a limited amount of money so I don't know which of these two games I want. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or Paper Mario: Sticker Star. Explain your reason for the game you choose to be better.

  5. ok so I just bought a 3ds xl and I also bought luigis mansion dark moon. On the game itself has a code on it. what is that code for?? like a free download or just stating that that game is that code? or what?

  6. Hello guys well I am going to buy the new nintendo 3ds xl and I am getting 5 games I am getting new super mario bros 2, mario 3d land, mario kart 7 , street fighter 4 but I can't choose from luigis mansion 2 or pilotwings please can u tell me which one is better and why it is better thank you person who has the best answer gets 10 points thanks

  7. I keep on thinking there was. They just name it differently. I just don't know. Any help would be great.

  8. I know its for the 3ds but what about the wii u? Ive decided to save my money and sell my wii if it is because I want to get for the new smash bros game and also luigis mansion 2 but I really want luigis mansion.