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kitchen sinks undermount review Whistler Pro 3000W Watt Power Inverter

Whistler Pro 3000W Watt Power Inverter

THIS IS A GREAT INVERTER FOR THE MONEY!! an overload on the primary side would have been niceand a reverse voltage sensor on the output side would also help prevent turning these into paper weights; but all of these things raise the price UNLIKE SOME OF THE LOWER WATTAGE UNITS this one will easily handle its rated load's IT also has a much longer startup overload delay.LIKE most of these inverters you want to make absolutely sure that you do not apply voltage accidentally to the output of these units.If you do it automatically becomes a paper weight!!.whistler( BECAUSE OF SAFETY CONCERNS ) will not sell any individual parts or circuit boards to home repair your unit if necessary.they have a( flat repair fee for each model )set price( about 75%of the purchase price ) for out of warranty or self inflicted damage to repair or replace for that fee.If used carefully and properly these units should work flawlessly.On this brand and model I would recomend this unit for its ability to run a wide variety of household items.It will run all of your household lighting;or refridgerator-freezer30 cu ft or central heating and of course you will need a small bank of batteries to supply your 12 VDC and some means of keeping those batteries charged like solar or a vehicle engine you can tap into to supply your12 VDC for extended periods of time.look at the whole picture and write down your needs and a realistic source you can maintain and afford.

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