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Shark Navigator vs Dyson DC33

vacuum cleaner review Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Model

Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Model

this vacuum is actually better than the infomercial demonstraits. I purchased at bed bath and beyond because i wanted to see the item first. my first impression was that it seemed cheap, light and small. however after deciding to buy, i could not be happier! the first time i used this, i had to empty the dust cup 4 times! i didnt notice the fill line on the dust cup so i was actually over filling it and it still did not loose suction, so I'm not sure what the other reviewers are talking about, this thing has always sucked harder than any other vacuum I've ever used, so even if it did loose some suction its still the best on the market, hands down!

After about 3 months of vaccuming every weekend the dust cup is finally only about 1/4 full after vacuuming, so I know my carpet is much cleaner now. I've also noticed a lot less dust collecting on my end tables since using this.

The removable wand and canister mode is awesome, I can clean the stairs and edges of carpets, nooks and crannys so easily it's actually fun to vacuum. I thought the swivel head was just a gimmic at first, but after using it, I really like it.

It is a little top heavy, but thats nit picking, its never been an issue for me. cleaning the filters is easy, and emptying the dust cup is a little dirty, but really not a big deal since you can open the top of the cup also in order to empty/clean it out easily. Any of the cons are far outweighed by the cleaning ability and versitility of this vacuum.

Seriously, buy this vacuum, if you want clean carpets, there is nothing that works better.

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  1. my current Eureka vacuum that I had about 8 years is losing suction... I may need to get a new one. I also have carpet & tile floors with 3 pets. My parents own the Dyson Animal and they love it but I just can't bring myself to spend $400 on a vacuum. Any recommendations?

  2. Looking to buy a new up right vacuum cleaner and wants some advice as to what brand to get ? I have hard wood floors with rugs on top . Only want a up right .

  3. Should I buy a Oreck Platnium Piolt and yes i don't mind buying bags or a Shark Navigator Lift Away Pro and don't reccommend any other Vacuum Cleaner

  4. Randall Sampson11 November 2011 04.32

    My yellow surface max 300 vacuum cleaner (which is less than 9 months old) is all of a sudden blowing air out instead of sucking it in. Whenever I vacuum it simply pushes the dirt back at me feet. Has anyone had an issue like this? How can I fix this? Is it time ti replace?

  5. Jonathan Simpson20 November 2011 07.32

    I'm looking to clean the carpet in my apartment m, and I am debating on whether I should rent a carpet shampooer or buy one. Let me know if you have any suggestions on a good one please. Also looking to buy a new vacuum does anyone have have a cheap good one they recommend

  6. Im not and cant getting rid of my animals. Should get rid of every piece of carpet, and rug in my house? at least with wood floors I can see the fur and vacuum it up. But really embarrassing when I bring friends over and there is fur everywhere!

  7. We are looking at the Dyson D28, but it's cost is $600. I'm just wondering has anyone bought a Dyson 28 and what has been your experience? Are there other brands that are just as good but less money? I would appreciate any help you can give me. Thanks!!! :)