Jumat, 15 Juni 2012

Just like Starbucks

camera buy Carnation Lemon Bread Zest Glaze

Carnation Lemon Bread Zest Glaze

As this was being assembled, which consisted of attaching the handle with 4 well-marked screws, I thought I would have to take off a star--the assembly took two tries. However, when that was done, the product proves to be so good that the rating deserves a full five. First, the wheels are large enough to roll easily. The water containers both have nice handles to carry to the sink. The pump-out container is also super-easy to empty and clean. The cream of the product, however, is how clean the carpet is after minimal physical effort. The choice to remove the motor parts to use to clean upholstery or spot clean carpet spots is just as nice. This precludes the need for another appliance at additional expense and storage space. This design is functional and effective on all counts.

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  1. EXCELLENT!! my husband likes lemon desserts. I did not know if he would like this but he thought it was great. Even with the glaze. It has such a freshly squeezed lemon juice flavor and the glaze only adds to the freshness. If a light, refreshing cake is what you are looking for, this is it.so happy to find it and since it is made by Carnation, I felt it would be good.

  2. Kristine Carpenter29 November 2012 02.32

    If you have ever had Starbucks lemon bread and liked it, then you will LOVE this. Granted, the glaze isnt as thick as their frosting but the flavor is seriously there. Besides, you can always make your own additional frosting if you want but really dont need to. This is easy to make, very moist, and has a great lemon sweet flavor.