Minggu, 29 Juli 2012

Objective, In-Depth Review

ring review Dyson Animal Ball Technology Upright Cleaner

Dyson Animal Ball Technology Upright Cleaner

Very impressed with this vacuum so far. The first time we used it (having just vacuumed with our old vacuum a couple of days earlier) - we had to empty the canister three times.

I do have some minor gripes. It wasn't something I noticed prior to purchase - but unlike a lot of vacuums - the DC25 does NOT have a light on the front. It would definitely be useful in corners / under hard to move furniture. The hose attachments provided in the box are good - but none worked amazingly well on the stairs. The brush attachment wasn't stiff enough, and the other just didn't pickup all the animal hair - so I'm about to purchase the $20 stiff brush to see how that works. Lastly, the power cord could be a little longer.

As per another review, the hose design did take a minute to get used to - but is very space saving and to my surprise was long enough to do our stair case without dragging the vacuum half way up the stairs.

I'm still rating this vacuum as five stars because it does an excellent job of cleaning carpet, is easy to manoeuvre, and is a lot lighter and less noisy than my old vacuum.

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  1. We have 1 child and a handful of fur babies (cats and a puppy) we really need a GOOD working vacuum. I like that Dyson has a washable filter, which means saving money with buying filter, and with having long haired cats we have to buy new filters often. The cost is not a big thing to us since it is an investment in keeping our home up and of course, clean. So, do you own a Dyson? What do you like about it or dislike? Do you own another brand? tell me about it!