Senin, 16 Juli 2012

The vacuum queen says: Almost perfect!

wedding dress review Hoover Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

We purchased this vacuum through Amazon three weeks ago. The vacuum is used for our large kitchen (laminate floor), laundry and entry way from our garage (laminate floor), front entry way and three bathrooms all with ceramic tile floors. Based on one of the customer reviews we'd read, we were concerned with the battery life. This has not proven to be a problem at all with us. First, the battery charges to full capacity in just about two hours and not the three we expected. We use the vacuum almost every day and the first charge lasted for a good two weeks. We are now on the second charge. The brush option is seldom used as the vast majority of the vacuuming is on hardwood floors and not rugs. It is our belief that limited brush use has allowed the battery to last longer. We've emptied the cup twice and did not have a problem with getting dirty. If your cleaning needs are similar to what I've explained, I would highly recommend you buy this vacuum. We also like the convenience of being able to charge the battery away from the vacuum and not be limited to where the charging can occur. So, we prefer to place the charging unit on a counter top.
I do agree with others who expressed concern with the price ($180) for this vacuum. However, I'll bet that the battery is the single most expensive part and this alone probably pushes the cost to this level.

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  1. I want to buy a vacuum for my place. i want cord vacuum with strong suction (i have hard wood floor). I've seen vacuums with all type ofdiffernt watt power. What is sufficient? 1200w? 1500w?

  2. Last year for Christmas, I purchased a eureka hand-held vacuum that won't last a good 10 mins and you have to recharge it...but I really want a good vaccum that can clean the stairs without bringing out the bigger vacuum and clunking down the stairs as you trying to clean. Also, what's the best stuff to clean carpet?

  3. which one is better? Im looking for a cordless stick vac to pick up the dust what a broom misses My house has laminate wood flooring and tiles in the kitchen and bathroom which product is better and are there any others like them?

  4. Darren Richmond29 Desember 2013 05.32

    I am looking for a Stick-like vacuum which shouldn't come with the hose and the bulky one which contains the rubbish bag. Is there such vacuums available? It should be able to be used on Hard Surfaces without the rollers under the floor tool.