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handbags Fluval Gravel Cleaner 15 inch Intake

Fluval Gravel Cleaner 15 inch Intake

This gravel cleaner is perfect to clean not only the intended Edge tanks but any other tank since it consist of a plastic tube with a hose. There are no compatibility issues as some reviewers seem to suggest. It's too simple for having a problem. And the size of the tank you are cleaning has an importance mostly based on your style and preferences. I prefer to take my time and clean thoroughly every spot I want. This cleaner allows me to do that in a 29 gallon aquarium because a so-called "ideal" gravel cleaner for that size (namely a 2" tube with a 1/2" hose) would suck a bucket of water every 30 seconds or so, which is way too fast in my opinion. So, what you have to keep in mind when selecting a gravel cleaner is the debit of water sucked per second, and that is given by the diameter of the hose. It's a concept that everyone who went to a high school should know: Venturi effect. Every gravel cleaner on the market has basically the same flow speed ratio between the tube and the hose. The difference observed by users is obviously given by the fact that the diameters of the hoses are different from one cleaner to another. A better understanding of the suction power would be to consider what would happen if only a hose would be used, making abstraction of the gravel.

So, this gravel cleaner works great in Edge tanks but also in any other tank, big or small, as long as you keep in mind that the hose has an internal diameter of 3/8" so the suction power is limited by that. That doesn't mean no suction power. To me it's actually the ideal power for most sizes of aquariums. And this cleaner comes with 2 cleaning heads that improve the options you have when cleaning - deep clean or hard to reach areas. I enjoy the deep cleaning the most.

The bigger sizes of gravel cleaners have hoses with 1/2" internal diameter which in my opinion is only appropriate for over 50 gallon aquariums since with that size, you will fill a bucket very fast and for smaller aquariums you will end up making a 50% or more water change with every cleaning. That is not recommended.

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