Selasa, 17 Juli 2012

Works very well

car stereo review Hoover Multi FLOORPLUS Concentrated Cleaner Solution

Hoover Multi FLOORPLUS Concentrated Cleaner Solution

We purchased this vacuum through Amazon three weeks ago. The vacuum is used for our large kitchen (laminate floor), laundry and entry way from our garage (laminate floor), front entry way and three bathrooms all with ceramic tile floors. Based on one of the customer reviews we'd read, we were concerned with the battery life. This has not proven to be a problem at all with us. First, the battery charges to full capacity in just about two hours and not the three we expected. We use the vacuum almost every day and the first charge lasted for a good two weeks. We are now on the second charge. The brush option is seldom used as the vast majority of the vacuuming is on hardwood floors and not rugs. It is our belief that limited brush use has allowed the battery to last longer. We've emptied the cup twice and did not have a problem with getting dirty. If your cleaning needs are similar to what I've explained, I would highly recommend you buy this vacuum. We also like the convenience of being able to charge the battery away from the vacuum and not be limited to where the charging can occur. So, we prefer to place the charging unit on a counter top.
I do agree with others who expressed concern with the price ($180) for this vacuum. However, I'll bet that the battery is the single most expensive part and this alone probably pushes the cost to this level.

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  1. I love this cleaner. I love that its concentrated x2. It has a pleasant smell, cleans nicely without a residue! Highly Recommend!!

  2. Louisa Mccarty18 Oktober 2011 04.32

    This product is wonderful. It cleans and freshens our floors. Our house smells great after usage and our floors shine

  3. I found this is truly the only floor cleaner that will work with the Hoover floor cleaner. Tried others and they failed.

  4. I have used this several times now and it does a really good job. Seeing all that dirt come off the floor makes me feel good.

  5. I liked the product, used with the floor scrubber, my floors look spectacular, easy to use, no strong or offensive odor.

  6. This Hoover vacuum along with the cleaner can't be bet. It works well on the floors and does not leave a harsh smell.

  7. I rated this so high because I love the smell, also I love the way it cleans my floors.
    I can use it on all types of flooring the end result is the same CLEAN and SMELLS GOOD


  8. Sherri England10 Oktober 2013 07.32

    works great with the Floormate and leaves a nice fresh clean smell in the house. Does a great job of getting up the stubborn dirt.

  9. Works great on my travertine floors which have been a pain since we put them in. This cleans them and shines them up without leaving residue and it lasts a long time with just vacuuming the dust.