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swimsuits reviews Goldsource STU 2000 Voltage Transformer Converter

Goldsource STU 2000 Voltage Transformer Converter

After 3 years of ownership, I have nothing but praise for my Windtunnel T-Series Rewind. It still runs as well as the day I bought it. As for cleaning power, it would certainly whip the one-year-old Dyson 'Animal' vacuum that we have at my work any old day, and for about a quarter of the money. It's powerful, easy to use, fairly light, and the attachments are of decent quality. The rewind feature is extremely useful and it has not lost it's power to retract the cord in over three years of heavy use. I actually like to step on the button and watch the cord zip into the housing. LOL. I first bought this vacuum when the price was $180 and it's even more of a bargain now that the price is near $100. I snagged one for my mom to replace her ailing 15-year-old Kirby bagger and she loves it. In summary, the best thing I can say about this vacuum is that I'd buy it again if it ever stopped working.

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  1. We got this because we moved from Europe to the US and we brought our European Nespresso coffee machine over. Our coffee machine consumes 1750 Watt of power (peak) and that's why we have to get the ST-2000 voltage transformer. We have been using this for over five months now and it is working fine. I was worried it would produce a large amount of "zooming" noise but it is almost inaudible. You can almost not hear any noise at all unless you get very close to it. I have to say we put it in the kitchen and the noise from our fridge is more dominating. All in all very content about this until now.

  2. I shopped around in the military exchange here in Italy where I am stationed and found's prices to be much better especially with free Prime shipping. The Post exchange sells this for at least double if not triple the price. This transformer has been easily able to recharge or operate any appliance I connect to it. I like the fact it is both a step up and step down transformer which makes it more versatile.

  3. These transformers are great for the price. I live in Turkey on AFB and are only issued one of these for a 2 story house with only 2 110 plugs in the house, so we need one of these for almost every room. They are great priced and work very well. Recommend these for anyone living overseas and need to convert 220 power to 110.

  4. We use it almost daily with a Thermomix (cooking robot) we broght from Spain and works perfectly so far. Some people told me a transformer will kill the Thermomix in two months, but was not true (yet)

  5. Very fine transformer. Highest quality, workhorse.
    Arrived quickly. New, not used. Affordable too.
    3-step up, step-down, and normal voltage.

  6. Works like a charm. Quiet, no hum, does not heat up. Using to operate my European 220 volt Jura Espresso machine.
    I will update in 6 months to follow up on how well unit is holding up under daily use but as of now I am very happy with my purchase.

  7. After going through a few cheaper ones that burnt out in the first two weeks of having them, I went on to look for a better one instead of just a cheaper choice. After getting this, it lasted me well over the final year I was in Italy. I'm very pleased on how well it held up and how many electronics it could power at one time. It is a bit heavy but once you find a good place to put it, then that's that. It is also very quiet. Never any loud hums or anything. Overall, if you need a converter for an extended bit of time, I recommend this one.

  8. This seems like a nice heavy duty product. I've only had for a couple of weeks but works great so far. I have the 2000 watt transformer. I am stepping down from 240 to 120v for a dehumidifier. It is quiet with no vibration. I recommend it. Oh and i used super saver shipping and it still came in two days.

  9. Michael Vincent20 November 2012 09.32

    Ideal for running my espresso machine that I didn't want to replace when I moved to the US. does exactly what I need it to do