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Really perfect!

xbox review Koblenz KC 1250 Maxima Canister Cleaner

Koblenz KC 1250 Maxima Canister Cleaner

I don't understand all the poor ratings on this vacuum. I've had my Garry for 3 years, and have not had one issue with it. Most vacuums use bulbs for the headlights. I do believe Garry uses LED headlamps. My mother owns 2 Simplicity vacuums that cost twice as much. She's had them in the shop several times. I can zip from carpet to bare floor with no problems. I would not recommend purchasing the Turbo Brush. You don't need it. I find this to be a light vacuum that offers great suction, and in most cases cleans in one pass. If you're looking for an inexpensive vacuum this might be for you. I look at it this way, you can get a "lemon" in anything you buy. It's not easy finding a bagged vacuum cleaner, and I appreciate this one, especially when comes to being lightweight, and easy to handle. I'm sure those who have experienced Garry, and submitted the poor ratings would not agree, but I have found it to be a worth while investment, and I don't have a money tree growing in the back yard. Keep in mind nothing is made like it used to be. I have a Panasonic canister vacuum that is over 15 years old. Best car vacuum I've ever owned. We've found that Sear's Kenmore/Craftsman has been the worst we've ever seen.

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